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Although it’s not quite Thursday, I’m Thankful to be linking again with Marsha for Thankful Thursdays.  Even if I don’t get a chance to post it right away, pausing to consider all the Lord had done each week has been a major blessing.  I’ve noticed that the worries and burdens of today often seem so urgent and upsetting that it’s easy to lose sight of yesterday’s miracles. He is the same God, yesterday, today and forever.  So with this post I’d like to share my thanks for a few answered prayers.


Marsha's Musings


    • As a teen I cried out “Ok, I don’t know if you are Allah, Buddha, God, Jesus or Athena….but I’m pretty sure I was created by someone or something. Please, whoever you are…know that I love and appreciate you and want to do what’s right. Please help me to know without a shadow of a doubt who you are so that I can follow and worship you”   Time and time again God CONTINUES to confirm Himself in my heart as my One True God 🙂


    • Not that I live in fear, but we make it a habit to pray over every road trip.  So thank you Lord for your general hedge of protection encamped about us at all times. How many “close calls” we’ve had on the road and yet we are still alive today.  Every time circumstances cause a delay and I’m starting to get frustrated, I remind myself, “‘The Lord works all things for the GOOD of those who love Him’… maybe the timing needed to be tweaked to avoid a major accident. Thank you Lord, for whatever good you’re working in this situation.”


    • I’ve already mentioned God’s faithfulness to help me find just about ANYTHING I loose or misplace.  It’s almost become a ministry for me. If someone looses something in front of me, I feel like I’m sinning by not offering to pray for help.  EVERY time I muster the courage to offer to pray, despite their frustration, everyone has been willing to “give it a shot”. Likewise, EVERY TIME we pray for help, moments later the item is recovered. Just amazing 🙂


    • Likewise, I’m thankful for every healing.  More than my ankle breaking in 3 places….or the medical concerns with both pregnancies…..I’ve watched God work out right miracles on those around me.  Things may not happen on our timeline, but every healing is God’s work.


    • I have an amazing, handsome husband who has been an absolute answer to prayers, in both my life and my son after being a single mom for years. I was planning on and content to remain single, but in His love and mercy, God brought us together 🙂 The blessings didn’t stop there!


    • After many prayers from my Lil’ Lizards pillow for a sibling, we were blessed with our Eager Explorer last fall! Both of my sons bless me daily, and in many ways are answers to my teenage prayer for clarity, as I can’t help but marvel at God’s work when I behold them 🙂


    • “Every good and perfect gift, comes from above.”  We are not entitled to warmth, clothing, shelter, or provision of any sort….yet all we have is evidence of HIS loving kindness and answer to unspoken prayers.  He provides for us before we even ask! So really, anything that is NOT awful in our lives is worthy of praise and honor and gratitude.


How about you? What are you thankful for this week? What specific prayer has He’s answered for you recently? Please feel free to share in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Thankful for Answered Prayers

  1. Beautifully said, Cookie! Every good and perfect gift is from above. Hope to see you tomorrow for the last TT in July! Where did this month go? WOW!

    1. This month has flown indeed!! I’m not sure if I’ll get one in on time….preparing for the new school year has eaten most of my blogging time. Though, I am thankful for the freedom to homeschool, my Lil’ Lizard is home safe and for this lovely community!! 🙂

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