Thankful for His Faithfulness

Thankful For God's Faithfulness as He calls me to Abide in Him

Life is hard. You’re probably thinking, “Ok lady, What else is new?” Although it may not seem like a grand revelation, in many ways I think it is one of the most important. If we aren’t careful, it’s easy to find ourselves in one of two camps…..discouraged because we can’t seem to keep it together or overly confident in our ability to “handle” our circumstances. At the root, both camps roast marsh mellows around an oh-so cozy fire fueled by nothing other than pride itself. If I take a hard look at my own heart, I realize I’ve unrolled my sleeping bag more than I’d like to admit in one of camp or another. So on this Thankful Thursday, I’m praising God for His forgiveness, His grace and His Faithfulness to help me learn to dwell in HIM.

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Lost and Found : How I Keep My Cool and Find Peace When I Misplace Something

Sometimes I scare myself by how scattered I am….more accurately how scattered my things are. This translates to a lot of missing or lost objects, often really precious or important objects.  Thankfully, God has been so overwhelmingly merciful and has consistently helped me find that which was lost.  So when my handsome hubby misplaced our camera’s SD card, I was quick to bring it to the Lord in prayer. However, that wasn’t always my first inclination….

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