S.O.A.P. Study

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Welcome! Are you ready to learn all there is about soap making? Then I’m sorry, but unfortunately you’re in the wrong spot.

Here, S.O.A.P. is a method of bible of study that I’ve incredibly effective and versatile in making the most out of my quiet time alone with God. Well, most of the time it’s not all that quiet..or alone…but you catch my drift.   Initially I had hoped to share my journal entries daily, but then I realized READING was priority, not posting.  So as with all things, I do what I can when I can, and so I thought I should re-define this category on my blog for what it really is…..random entries from my S.O.A.P. study journal 🙂


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How do you like to study the bible? Any scriptures you think I should consider next? I’d love to hear your comments below 🙂