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With pen in hand and notebook at the ready, (I’m being more intenional now that I starting outlining) I began brainstorming my next post idea.  I considered a giant list of all the helpful websites that I ran across and how helpful that would be.  Mentally the list grew and I realized this was way too much for just one post…maybe a series?  If only I could consolidate them all in one place…hmmmm. Um, hello? Pinterest!

I’m still learning my way around the social media circle, so for those unfamiliar with Pinterest let me explain.  Think of it as having a giant virtual cork board to “pin” clippings from your favorite magazines and newspapers, only it’s more like you have a wall of unlimited boards to help you organize them better.  Instead of clippings, you can “pin” the link to anything you find on the internet from articles, to pictures, or really cool blog posts from Grace Within the Race 😉

Someday I’d still like to put together a series about what helped me get through my first year as a homeschooler, but for now I went ahead and created a Pinterest account for Grace Within the Race.  (Yay!) It’s a little bleak to begin with, but I’m excited to watch it bloom.  Remember, we are in this race together, so if you have any ideas about the boards you’d like to see, let me know in the comments. What sort of resources would be the biggest blessing in your life?
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