To Infinity and Dot Com! – Shifting From to Self Hosting

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After my last post about priorities, I found myself really questioning whether or not I should even pursue writing anymore.  How would pouring time and effort into this blog support my dreams and season of life? What should I do with the domain and host I bought if I’m not going to run with it?  Where do I go from here?

As I look back at my recent posts, though they vary in topics from learning to blog or homeschooling life, they have an underlying theme of purpose.  I wish I could take credit for this, but it’s all God.  I picked blogging back up to chronicle my growth and hopefully inspire others.  As I would journal or think about my next post, I was lead to deeper questions and recognized some elements in my life that were rather selfish or weighing me down. From setting up a Pinterest profile, to outlining thoughts and finally taking a look at priorities…they all come together and have lead me down this path of reflection.   A path I may have overlooked were it not for this blog.  Is that all I’m supposed to do? Recognize the pattern and go from there?

The truth is I don’t honestly know.  What I DO know is that usually  life’s most difficult questions often have incredibly simple answers.  Simple being the key word there, not easy.  How often minor afflictions are remedied with simple rest and hydration.  So that’s my plan with this blog.  To take a break from brainstorming content ideas or setting up the details that make the site look more professional as I soak in the Living Water, God’s Word.  I will daily journal using the S.O.A.P. method for the up coming month, and will post my entries as time permits.  Last night’s journal entry is what gave me the peace to launch my .com site, as long as I focus on the writing of my journey and let go of the pressure of what new bloggers are “supposed” to do.


So here it is,  I’m still in the process of switching everything over, but again….the purpose is not to have everything perfect, but to pursue truth and to find the beauty amidst the blemished, scarred and broken.   I want to sincerely thank everyone who has viewed, liked, followed or supported me in any way over at I invite you to please join me here at my new site, and together we can encourage each other to remember and seek the small graces within eachother’s life races.

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