Mamas Need their Daily Bread

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Do you ever get so tied up with something that you decide to just skip a meal, or maybe forget to eat altogether?  It’s easy to consider personal needs as optional, especially as a parent.  The problem is that we put some very important NEEDS on the back burner because we tell ourselves that doing so only affects us.  “I’ll just grab some drive thru so the kids don’t have to wait for lunch and I’ll throw a sandwich together for myself when I get home” Sure…but then life happens and before you know it, you realize it’s already time to make dinner, so you inhale some stashed chocolate and take another swig of coffee and try to get dinner rolling with the least amount of frustration, tears or exploding food disaster.

© 2015Maybe that’s just me and all of that sounds foreign to the rest of you, but if you are a parent (especially a mother) chances are it’s worth re-evaluating some of the harmful ways we tend to martyr ourselves unnecessarily.  What sort of parent are we offering our children when we are chronically fatigued, mentally taxed, physically malnourished, and ultimately binging on Pinterest searches, entire Netflix seasons or -insert your vice here- to escape from reality?  It’s no wonder at times we feel like we are running on empty!

Is it just me, or have we as a society become so accustomed to the rat race lifestyle, that unless you feel overstressed and burnt out, the guilt begins to creep in that you aren’t doing enough?  How broken is that logic?! Many years ago I heard a wonderful analogy I will never forget involving the circulatory system.  When the heart pumps to distribute the blood to the rest of the body, it runs on a cycle. Can you guess which organ get the fresh blood supply first?

The heart.

You see if we don’t take care of ourselves, we sabotage our ability to take care of the ones we love to the fullest of our potential.  That’s why, as against our maternal instincts as it is, flight attendants instruct you to secure your own oxygen mask before assisting anyone else…even your own children.  They are depending on you to remain conscious so you can keep them safe!

As the heart of the family, what are you doing to ensure you have what you need to fulfill your role to the best of your ability?

Personally, I have recently taken a spiritual inventory so to speak and realized that I just can NOT afford to skip any more “meals” in the Word of God.  How can I be so foolish to believe that neglecting what should be my DAILY bread wouldn’t have heavier consequences? Or that my family wouldn’t suffer from those choices?

Thankfully, I recently began journaling about my bible reading with a cool, new-to-me, method called S.O.A.P.   It’s pretty short and sweet, but personally, highly effective as a means to make the most of what little quiet time I can carve out for myself.  As a means of accountability and to exercise discipline, I’d like to start a new series, or category of blog posts entitled Daily Bread.  Once a week, I will post one of my journal entries from my personal bible study.  I will aim to read and journal daily, but if I desire to meet that goal, I can’t exactly tack daily blogging on top of it.  🙂

So what about you? What sacrifices are you making for your family that you’d like to reconsider? What steps will you take to be proactive in taking care of yourself?

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    1. Thank you BlueJazmine! I just wrote about how faithful the Lord has been to gently call me unto Himself despite my own flakiness, and how we put so much on our shoulders when really all He wants is us to abide in Him. Honestly your comment was a blessing and reminder to me that digging into His word is one of best possible ways to dwell and find rest in Him 🙂 Thank you!
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