Third Grade Curriculum Line Up!

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Hello friends! Wow, it’s been a while since I posted and I thought sharing our Third Grade Curriculum choices was the perfect way to get back into the swing of things.  For some reason I always think the summer will be my chance to slow down and “catch up” yet it typically turns out to be packed to the brim!Check out our 3rd grade homeschool curriculum picks!

Since it’s been so hot outside lately, I figured it was best to go ahead and get a jump start on the school year this week.  This way, I’ll have more of a buffer for holidays, family time and just life in general!  We began by reading Proverbs 1 and 2 about how Wisdom cries out on the streets and that we are seek the truth as a buried treasure. What better way to demonstrate this lesson than to begin the year with a treasure hunt in order to find all the school supplies!

Here’s my Lil’ Lizard holding up the boon from his hunt:

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As I mentioned in my Instagram post, we don’t intend to use every curriculum each day and some supplemental resources are missing from the stack.  All in all though, what you see pictured above is our primary Third Grade homeschool line up! We have (with non-affiliate links, just there for your convenience):

Not shown in our picture above is:

When I posted our first day on Instagram, I never expected so much feedback and discussion. So for now I’ve listed out the full titles with links to their publisher’s and perhaps soon I can go through with a mini review of each or explanation on why we chose what for our family.  I know that curriculum can be pricey and cause a bit of anxiety when branching out, so I clearly remember how hearing from other moms really helped me make my decisions.  Also, I’ve learned to begin my hunt with Cathy Duffy reviews to narrow down my ideas, then look for them on Christian Book  or Amazon (you can usually see a decent preview…at minimum the table of contents) or search for YouTube reviews (long but usually more informative and hands on than a blog post).

It’s in our nature to compare and contrast, even so, I sincerely hope that scanning our list for this year is more of a help than a hindrance to you.  Every family, teacher, student and SEASON OF LIFE  is different. So keeping those in mind, I pray this list and reviews to come will bless you as much as other blogs have blessed me 🙂

How does your line up look this year? Anyone using the same materials? Maybe different ones I should check out for next year? Please let me know your thoughts below!

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